Beat the Streets

Thank you for supporting and reading our books. If you enjoyed them, please post a review on our site, and tell a friend or family member to visit us at and purchase a copy. By doing so, you will support a worthy cause.

All Things All People Publishing donates 50% of all books sold at the retail price of $13.95 from our website; to Beat the Streets; a program founded by Author Gregory B. Williams and exclusively for people in need. This is not welfare, a bail out, nor is it a hand out. It’s our responsibility as citizens and friends of the United States of America.

Beat the Streets, was birthed to coordinated the concerted efforts and support of all Communities, all Faith Based organizations, and all Business, big and small. This tri-fold collaboration will bring the following benefits to people in the communities.

By purchasing your autographed copy of “Brotherwood” “Solomon's Quest”, or Inside The Belly of the Whale, you’ll help make the program successful and together we will Beat the Streets.

ATAP Publishing and you understand that to whom much is given, much is expected in return.

Gregory Williams

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