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It’s been a while since I put the pen to the paper, and let the flow fill the atmosphere like hot vapor. It’s been a while since I’ve shared my failures, and pains, my fears, my aspirations and my gains. Seems like just yesterday when they tightly clamped those cold cuffs around my wrist. In an instant, I found myself, all by myself, beside myself, looking at myself, thinking to myself. What have I done to myself? It was like a dream, a horrible, bad dream. They read me my rights then and paraded me around as I was the 200 pound catch of the day. Yeah, I remember that day. I remember it well. Caught up in the hustle playin cops and robbers, good guys and bad guys, cat and mouse. Just like a wolf in sheep’s clothing, I had em all fooled. I was the cleaver chameleon; the master of disguise. What most would call a double life; I called, a full life. I lived it on the straight and narrow and I lived it on the low down Under Ground. I did it all. From executive boardrooms at the top of the valley, to boarded up house at the end of the alley. I didn’t discriminate. I made money from both side. All money was good money to me. At least that’s what I tried to convince myself into believing as the spirit rested heavily on my shoulders, telling me. You know better Brotherwood. Why don’t you listen to me?

I don’t write these words to brag or to boast. I don’t write them to place blame or receive shame. I been there, and I done that, and I’m not ashamed to admit it. Why should I be? Look at were God has brought me. Look at what He’s taught me. I’ve been to the dungeons, survived to live again, and live life a little different the next time, than I did the last. I make no excuses for the things that I’ve done in my past. Not even to the judge that gave me four years that changed my life just that fast. I had to take it on the chin, and do the time for my crime, and pray God forgives me for my sins. Cuz, I did my dirt not out of necessity, but out of greed and a need for speed deep down inside of me. In my ears he sings to me.

Come on, you can do it just one more time. That’s a lot of loot, and it can surely help you on your grind.

That voice inside of me is something that mandates I walk as close to that thin line between right and wrong without getting caught stepping over it. Been doin it so long, should have known I was bound to get caught. Yeah, I did it for the thrill,

…If only for one night. I won’t tell al soul. No one has to know. If you want to be totally discrete...

Now I have to live with myself as my son stares me face to face. He smiles and strives to be all the he thinks I am. If he only really knew, that I do all that I do, when his nights are all through. See everyday I was hustling, both on the right side of the law, and the wrong side, this much I know is true. But if you know, what I know, you’d let the dumb shit go. Cuz I ain’t comin here no mo.

Yah see sitting in the Shit house is for terds. Sitting in a cage is for the birds; and that’s literally. I can’t take another moment of this all stone all metal facility. Metal Toilets, Metal Mirrors, Metal Sinks, Metal Beds. Haters within these walls steadily trying to get in my head. I got to do something other than react instead, cuz if I snap this mutha suka’s neck, any chance at getting out of here is dead.

But thanks to my God, today is a new day. I can start all over with rejoicing, new voices, and new choices. Today I can start a new despite that Hustling Spirits presence in my head. Huh, huh… Yeeeah I got to admit, that I still got that hustle man marrow running consistently through my bones. But never again. I MEAN, Never again, will I allow it to lead me down a path which will take me from my home.

This is Introspective. Real introspective

Here I Stand

Struggling for balance within my spirit. Trapped between doing what is righteous and what brings me pleasure and excitement. Knowing full well what is expected of me, but desires deep down inside drives me to chance it; just one more time. Here I stand, in an illusion, cruising for abusing, from a system that has already proven to me that they will criminalize me, for using. They want to criminalize me for using what isn’t developed in a laboratory, but that which comes from a simple seed. Some times I wonder, if I could get high from smoking Collard Greens, would they stop me? Do they make these laws for the protection of we the people, or is it something a little bit deeper. Like maybe greed. Is there too much money to be lost if marijuana was decriminalized?

I’ve got a seed of my own, which God has blessed me with the job to lead. He’s commissioned me to lead by example, but how do I lead by example? I mean, can’t I lead by the example I allow him to see. Sheltering him from this life I lead on the other side, in the dark. After all, what’s really important is what he see’s me do, right? These will be the images seared into the conscious and sub-conscience mind of the one who I’ve raised. The one who calls me Daddy. God willing I’ll never get caught up, and my son, who thinks I’m flawless will have a good example to follow.

Living a lie. Living a lie. Living a lie, sometime renders me sleepless in the Motor City Detroit. Praying to my Father above for the strength to protect myself from myself. Longing to live that life that those who know me, think I already live. Yeah, I’m not that bad, but I’m not all right either, I know it. And He knows it. I got a spirit in me that drives me to sometimes walk that thin line. It’s constantly steering and enticing me towards the temptations that I should flee. I know it ain’t right. I know that cost for getting caught will be great, but what if they never catch me with my hand in this alluring cookie jars. One side of me says the risk is too great for the payoff. The other side challenges a pre-existing condition, some call hard headedness, or just plain foolishness, to take a chance, and live a little. What fun is life with no risk at all? The risk is too high. But the payoff and the thrill of it all is almost worth it.

Sometimes I think she loves me. Sometimes I think she loves me not. It’s a puzzle to understand the mosaic format of this beauty I find almost impossible to resist. With absolutely nothing to gain by getting with me, she’s willing to risk it all, and share it all with me. She’s willing to share it all. She is willing to share it all, but, that which almost comes too natural from most females, and that is her trust and her essence. The essence of the things which makes her tick, and what makes her tock. Like, where did you come from baby? What was you’re life like as a child or an adolescent? Do you look more like your mother, or your father? Or maybe it’s neither. Maybe you look like your brother, or God forbid the some other, like maybe the milk man. Look, I’m sorry baby for the insult, but your secrecy sends my mind on a journey of all sorts of reason why you clam up, when ever you begin to talk about your past. Do you love me? Do you love me not? Do you trust me? Do you trust me not?

None of us are perfect, and this I know is true, so I will be the last person to judge someone like you.

Where my life will go, from here, it’s impossible to know. But I will continue to pray to God, as I go through life’s door. I will continue to make mistakes I’m certain of this, but with Him on my side, no weapon formed against me shall prosper. Not even if that weapons turns out to be me.

So, Here I stand.

A Beauty I Can Only Admire From A Far

There was a lady that I saw one day, in the hallway down the way.
She walked with a certain style, a certain finesse which had caught my eyes and all of my Attention. If I where a kid in school, to catch just a glance at her in the morning
I would gladly take Detention
Both of my eyes glued to her essence as she glides my way.
This woman was now on my mind for the remainder of the day

Who is she? Where did she come from? And what does she do?
I liked what I saw, I liked what she was showing.
I’m glad she didn’t look to her left, to see that from her beauty
I was glowing.

As the days, and the weeks went by,
I can only hope to see her loveliness once again.
If I do see her, should I say anything to her or try to be her Friend?
Yeah… I think I will. If I ever see her Again.
But still I must ask
Who is she? Where did she come from? And what does she do?
Does she have a Boy friend? Does she have a Fiancée, or Better?
If not, then maybe I would be the lucky guy to finally Get her.
From what I can see, this woman is the BOMB, a woman with confidence, a woman with Pride
But I need to know.
Are you as beautiful on the Inside as you are the Outside?
I bet you are, and just refuse to be taken for a Ride

I can never get close enough to get a good look at her Finger.
Therefore, I guess this infinite question would just have to Linger.
How do I let her know, that my finger is Bare?
And that I find that a beauty as pure and natural as her
Is all too Rare.
There is so much I would like to ask about her.
There is so much that I would like to tell about Me.
Just to meet this woman up close and personal
I would gladly pay a Fee.

But for now, she is just a dream.
A wish that I could always hope for
Perhaps I would find my Genie in a Jar
Or is she only
A Beauty that I can only admire
From a Far?

A Special Mothers Day Card 2007

Through the many years of my sometimes-complicated life
I’ve found that most to all things have to change.
Some of them are for the better, and some were for the worse.

I’ve learned that I sometimes take the things that are here for me today for granted
As if it will always be there for me tomorrow.
But I know that’s not the case.
Because all things have to change.

One thing that has always remained a constant, even longer than I can recall.
Is the Love received from you, through the Winters,
The Springs, the Summers and the Falls.

Though we may not always see things through the same eyes or understandings.
You must have the faith that tells you you’ve raised me right.

For this I am grateful, and I say to you that your job is not yet done
I need you as much today as I did yesterday like the earth needs the sun
And as you already know, I will not always appear to listen
But you know that I really do.

So I take this Special Day set-aside just for you
To say that I don’t take for granted a moment that God has blessed me with you.

Happy Mothers Day,
And I Love You

Cant take my Joy

The bible says that the devil comes to kill, to steal, and destroy
I’m here to tell you devil that you can’t take my joy
I am a child of God’s and to him I give all the glory
From the time I was a little boy my teachers would tell the story

Of Adam and Eve, the Pharo and Moses
I can peep you Lucifer, no matter how seductive your poses.
Though at times I may jump in bed with you. All the temptation pull me in.
For I am a creature of flesh and bones.
Following the seduction of you tantalizing tones.
I step in, and tragedy happens.
Forcing me to face the repercussions of my transgressions.

You tell me that God is punishing me, but I know better.
It’s you who punishes me, when I choose to listen to you.
But I’m here to tell you Lucifer, that you can’t take my joy.
God is with me, even when I stumble.

We loss the baby, because the time wasn’t right.
We fell into sin, one lustful night, and God allowed us to stay together through it all.
He didn’t do it for spite, nor did He do it to showcase His might.
He did it to make us stronger and make it through this fight.
You can’t take my joy. You can’t take my joy, and no matter what you think.
No matter how much I may at times do things which makes it seem true.
I am not your boy. I’m my fathers son. Jehovah God.

Tonight I’m on my knee, repenting the wrongs that I’ve done, and wiping my slate clean.
Starting over from the beginning, with a flawless sheet.
My God, give us strength to seek you and only you.
As we will shortly be separated, and faced with challenge unknown to us.
I ask of you to be with us all the way, with each passing day.

Give me the will to continue to say.
Lucifer; you can’t take my Joy.

Civil Right 2008

As I sit, watch, debate, analyze the 2008 elections and as the weeks close in before that day which will change the face of American politics; I can’t help but believe in the Dream that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. had. Today we see the civil right movement all over again void the ignorance and intolerance of a racist society. Sure there will always be the opposition, but when The United States of America look beyond the black skin of an American to this degree, that is a sign of true redemption, and repentance. We have no more excuses.

But this isn’t a letter on the elections; this is a letter on us. As American boldly show, that they are finally at the point they judge a man off the content of his character, instead of the color of his skin, what other excuse are we left with, for the lack of prosperity in our communities.

I’ve said it before, and I say it today. The only thing that is holding us back, is us. When are we going to get it? When are we going to break the Jim Crow mentality brain washing and united without fear, jealousy, or envy, for a common goal? When are we going to developed networks that work for the people in our community?

We marvel at the words of Barak Obama, and we give him our complete support, but I ask, are we collectively living up to the messages and expectations that he preaches. He calls for we as parents to step our game up. We call for all of us to work together, develop small business, and grow from within.

Of course he can’t put it out there for us so boldly, and that for good reason. The point is, we as a people need to learn from his campaign, listen to his story and his message to the black community. “You can get something if you work for it. That goes all the way down to the teens with the $4,000.00 they can get for doing community service. The writing is on the wall, people and we have to now capitalize while we can. The face for America has changes, and it’s a black face. My question to you is how are you representing your people, and your country?

My Life Reads Like a Drama Story

My life reads like a drama story, one scene after another. I’ve got angles watching over me, like the protection of a big brother. My life reads like a drama story one chapter after another. Though I’ve been warned, and shown the way to peace of mind by both my daddy and my mother. It seems that no matter how hard I try to fool my life up by reckless acts and daring deeds, the Lord steps in an cleans it right up, for only He knows my true inner needs. He knows the paths that I must travel to get where He wants me, so He knows what I must go through and were I must be sent, to hear what He’s been showing me for thirty five years. He knows my limits, he know my fears, for He will put no more on me than I could bear. Though some people may call me a fool, some may call me a fool of the worse kind, but thanks to my Father, the one who protects me from above, what they say never proves to be true. Or maybe it does. I’ve always heard that God protect babies and fools.

Maybe I am just a fool. Maybe…I’m just a fool. Just maybe…I’m just a fool.

Though I may stumble, and I may fumble, I may rumble, and I my mumble. I may rise and I may fall. And at times appear to run blindly, head first into brick walls, I know. Because He tells me, that all I need to do is call. Call out to Him. Father I need you. Forgive me for the sins that I have done, with no regard to consequences. Father I need your mighty arms of protection tightly wrapped around my body and soul to shield me from my own transgressions.

Maybe I am just a fool. Maybe…I’m just a fool. Just maybe…I’m just a fool.

I’ve done drugs. And, yes I’ve made drug transactions. I did it for the Benjamins, and also those Jacksons. You’ve shown me the road I was headed too all too many times before, but I didn’t listen. I ignored you, because I had too many other distractions. The times I did listen, wasn’t even whole, it was only a fraction, and now I’m caught, dealing with the reactions of my actions.

Maybe I am just a fool. Maybe…I’m just a fool. Just maybe…I’m just a fool.

Though I may stumble, and I may fumble, I may rumble, and I my mumble. I may raise and I may fall. And at times appear to run blindly, head first into brick walls, I know. Because He tells me, that all I need to do is call. Father I’m calling to you. Asking for mercy and thanking you for always being with me. I’ve got a long road ahead of me, and I know that I’m not alone. I’ve got a long road ahead of me, so I’m gonna sing this song.

I don’t feel no ways tired. Come too far from where I started from. Nobody told me, that the road would be easy, but I don’t believe you brought me this far to leave me.

Lord, from this day forth. From this very day right here, right now. I know that what I go through is what I must go through. Lord, I know that you have a mission for me, and it is now my time to step up and receive the assignment, no matter where it leads me. You told me, and you’ve showed to fear not. No weapons formed against me shall prosper. That being said, for once in my life, I will give myself to you whole, not in fractions and with no distractions. I’m facing these ordeals with full armor on, running head first through Satan’s fire, feeling not a thing. My light will shine, and your name shall rings through the words from my mouth and the light which illuminates from within me.

Maybe I am just a fool. Maybe…I’m just a fool. Just maybe…I’m just a fool. Oh no, I am a child of God. That’s what I am.

My Brother My Brother

Oh my god!

I say aloud as I drive down the street
I can see a hole through the windshield of an old blue Chrysler
That hole is a hole that a bullet left for another one of my beautiful black Brothers.
Blood on the street, holes in the seats, as the police patrol their beats.
Yellow tape around the seen marking.
Another modern day lynching.
Not as graphic but even more heart breaking.
Not motivated by the same hate.
But just as pain staking.

My Brother My Brother!

Why can't we see? We're doing it to ourselves.
Imagine a day when there is no Black man.
Extinct and spoken of in past tense like dinosaurs
Spoken of with the utmost of admiration from our women.
As they tell stories to their half-breed children.
Of how proud and powerful we once were.
Don't get mad. We did it to ourselves
This time our women weren't raped and taken
We gave them away.
And are still doing it here every day.
They need us weather they think it or not.
We are their protection. We are their leaders.

My Brother My Brother!

We are the Kings of Kings.
"And this ain't just rap."
We were the first ones here and should be last to go.
Things are messed up, and we didn't do it
But what are we doing to stop it.

Not just the police, not just the politicians but us.
The men who go to work every day,
The men who move out to the suburbs,
The men who see these kids hustling on the street curbs.
And even the men and kids on the curbs.
The men on the streets begging,
The men out looking for jobs,
The men who refuse to work,
And any other class of black man I missed.


My Brother My Brother!
It is our responsibility to preserve our heritage and bloodline
"By any means necessary"
What is more important than self-preservation?
We are going away and going away at an alarming rate.

Is this our destiny? Is this our fate?
My Brother My brother!
Please help us
Please help us
Please help us
Please help us raise our children. Please help us make our children
A new day is coming and we should be the ones who turn things around
From cross burning to house burning
In our own neighborhoods
By our own children

Teach your neighbor's boy how to hustle.
Cutting grass, washing cars
Designing cars, designing landscaping.
Teach your girlfriend's boy how to reason and negotiate
How to recognize opportunity
And capitalize

My Brother My brother!
It is up to us
Let's get it together and do it together
Our future depends on it.

Ice Cube, Tupac, Master "P", Sean Puffy Combs, Ice "T"
You music is hitiin
But the message is wrong
Though it may be the life you led
You're not anymore.
And if you are STOP. You don't have to
The measure of a real artist is how he moves his audience
Do you hate your people?
Remember the KKK does to
Are we on the same team?
Change the message
Keep the beats, keep it real
Just change reality
If you can't, no one can


Pretty Brown Eyes

With those pretty brown eyes,
I can’t deny you
The fact that you are on my mind
Both day and night

With those pretty brown eyes
I can’t deny you
The time that you want
And the places you want to go

With those pretty brown eyes
I can’t deny you
The details of my dreams
And my most intimate secrets

With those pretty brown eyes
I can’t deny you
The trust that you require
And the honesty that you demand

With those pretty brown eyes
You’ve got me twisted
Although I’m a Scorpio
You’ve got my nose open like Taurus the bull

Let’s get together and resist all impurities
Which may jeopardize our relationship
Including actions of our own
What you need I’ve got a lot to give

I want to give it to you when the time is right
And not a moment too soon
Or late


She Says..

She says she like the comforts of a man
She likes the way a man makes her feel
Not just physically, not just emotionally
She says she like the comforts of a man
She likes a man to be a man
She says she lets a man be a man
She told me she likes the comfort of a man
The warm body of a man next to hers
Skin to skin
From the
Beginning to the end
She says she like the comforts of a man
She like the baritone sounds waves
Vibrating through the space between them
Over the wire
Face to face
Is first desire
She likes his eyes
She says she like the comforts of a man
The way that he looks at her
With that hint of desire
And a passion inside that burns likes fire
She says she likes the comfort of a man
Not cocky yet confident
Not overbearing yet domineering
And I’m a man
I’m that man