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Morality vs Life
By Sakia A.
Brotherwood depicts a man's journey with the struggles of life's issues. Single parenting; making sure that he is the proper role model and caregiver for his son. The battle of love in life; which makes it even harder when you have been bruised and hurt in the past. Being a provider; quick money vs. legit money. Morality. Right vs. Wrong. This was well written from real life experience.

The Best Book Yet, February 16, 2009
By Alex King "Totally Pleased"
I must say that as much as I enjoyed Mr. Williams first two books; he has out done himself this time around. Inside the Belly of the Whale really does take the readers inside the dark prison world, and inside the mind of a man torn between doing what is right and what his fleshly desires drives him to do. I think that Mr. Williams' story would be an excellent read/tool for any one from high school students to elderly people. I will be waiting for the next book.

If you enjoy taking a ride on emotional rollercoaster, and real life issues and stories, this is definitely the book for you. I can say enough in favor of Inside the Belly of the Whale.

By Carla Bell, St. Louis MO
My comment is not only regarding Mr. Williams remarkable ability as an author, also his true dedication and commitment to his cause of hopefully saving one person at a time by telling his story and relating his experiences.

I work in the field of corrections, I asked Mr. Williams to speak to a group of clients and relate his experiences. Even though the department could not afford to cover Mr. Williams travel expenses from North Carolina to St. Louis MO, Mr. Williams was so moved by my offer, he was willing to cover the expenses himself. Everyone is so excited and anticipate Mr.Williams' visit in July 2009.


Cheri Wontor
I am looking forward to reading it. I thoroughly enjoyed the first two!!! As a teacher in a medium security prison in downtown Milwaukee, I felt the pain as I read the books. The stories are the same but the faces different. If all my students could read the book, I know it would be life changing. God Bless. Your efforts are remarkable.

Cheri Wontor Teacher 7th Floor

God Will Use all Situations for Good
Ed Mann
After reading this series, Brotherwood, Solomon's Quest, and Inside the Belly of the Whale, I find it hard to write a review for each book individually. This is a continuing story about black and white. Not the color of the skin, but the color of the soul and the loving forgiving nature of the one true God.

Having grown up as a white middle class professional, it can be hard to relate to the African-American, urban culture. Mr. Williams does a wonderful job of keeping you drawn into Solomon's life, and explaining the culture Solomon is living in. You find yourself relating to Solomon and seeing yourself in him. This is not a story about an African-American; it is a story about all of us.

In Brotherwood, you know it is going to end with Solomon's arrest, but you find yourself hoping that Solomon will not get caught. In Solomon's Quest, you know he's going to get sentenced and have to go to prison, but you hope God will deliver him from this. And in the Belly, the reader finally gets what he wants; Solomon's freedom. Most importantly you find Solomon having truly dedicating himself to God's will. The Belly does not leave you with a,
happily ever after,ending,but instead leaves you wanting the rest of the story. I look forward to the next installment.

The story is captivating and a real soul searcher. We all have at a little Solomon in us, and we all need God. This real life story helps all of us,from all walks of life, to see how even the smallest decisions can affect our and our loved ones lives. We learn that God will always be with us and that even when we do make a mistake, God will make something good come of it. However, we must allow God to work in our lives.

Thank you Mr. Williams for showing me so clearly and in such a compelling story how important living God's will is in our lives.

Terrific Read for Anyone!
Chrissy Wimbush
Family, God, sex, drugs, matter-of-fact, everything but rock-n-roll is in this series of books. Inside the Belly of the Whale takes you into the depths of a life that you never want to endure. The personal conflicts along with the life in prison cause Solomon to grow spiritually and emotionally into a better

I read this book while going through my own emotionally conflicts and believe that this has helped me to make better decisions about my life. I felt Solomon's emotions throughout the book. All of the ups and downs, the twists and turns, the complete roller coaster ride made me feel like I was walking in his shoes. Gregory did a great job pulling you into the intense feelings of prison life.

It is a great read for any age, either gender, or anyone with personal conflicts. Not only that but it has one great story line.

Inside the Belly is a GREAT Read!!!
Anna Ratliff
As editor of this book, I can truly say that it is a great read. It has all the elements of true life and the emotional turmoil that one goes through when they are drawn into the dark world of drugs. Drugs and money can cause a person to make bad decisions and these books prove that.

When Solomon made the decision to sell a little weed here and there to make a little cash, he did not know that one of his friends would be the possible end to his life as he knew it then. Author Gregory B. Williams takes us on the journey of Solomon's life. The turmoil and the decisions that he has to make to stay focused on his goal or constantly weighing on his heart and whether to be a snitch or keep his mouth shut is just one decision he has to make. Solomon is constantly reminding himself that he has a wife, a child on the way, and a son who need him to do what he has to do to make it back to the
outside world.

I encourage any individual to read this book. You can get something from this book and the author's two previous books: Brotherwood and Solomon's Quest.This series can help you through your own emotional endeavors. I know from experience they helped me!

So whether you are 16 or 66, male or female, I believe you can get something out of these books other than the enjoyment of reading a great series. Once you read them you will want to buy them for someone else.

The One Thing I Love Most About Reading...
By Eve
The one thing I love most about reading, if the writer is really good, they can make you feel like you know the character or that you want to know the character even more. After the first book, I wanted to know Solomon even more and by the time I finish the 2nd book he had me intrigued. I found myself laughing with him, crying with him, rooting for him. I think everyone can relate in some way with Solomon, doesn't matter if you are in the drug game or not, we all hustle in one way or another, most of us are probably single parents who try to do the best for our kids, some of us probably did become a parent at a young age, some of us like walking that very dangerous line of good vs bad. In the end, no matter what, we all have to eventually pay the piper for our deeds. I really wanted a different outcome but after reading the 3rd book, I saw that perhaps it was needed because I don't believe that Solomon would have truly learned his lesson if not for what happened.

The Quest, June 9, 2011
By Sakia A.
This is a wonderful continuation of Brotherwood. It displays the heart felt emotions regarding all issues that stood before Solomon, and maybe a many men that feel like they have reached their tap out point. Solomon had to deal with many life changing events in this sequel. Losing a friend that he'd known from early childhood years due to the unsavory lifestyle that he chose. Struggling to make a conscious decision on how and when to let family member's and loved ones know what he had gotten himself into, dealing with his business and business partner, his son's well being, the loss of a close friend whom he looked up to as a brother, and this new fiancee' who is expecting. Quite an emotional rollercoaster to be on. It is quite mysterious how some people are placed in your life for a reason or maybe even a season, but as you tend to look back and reflect on matters, you realize that it really is God's work. This sequel is a journey through Solomon's life that really forces him to think for the greater good about his actions and the consequences behind them. This was definitely a great read. On to the next one!

You've Insired Me and I Thank You, December 28, 2010
By S. Allen
This thing called life can throw us in many different directions. It’s amazing how you can never truly know the shoes a person has had to walk in until you know their story. When I met Mr. Williams, I was going through a very difficult time in my life, but something pulled at me not only to buy a book, but to purchase all three. Though I had no idea all that would be included, I knew then that he was a man that I needed to meet and he had a story that I needed to read. In reading his books, I have found not only much to relate to, but even more to learn from. I can walk away with a whole new admiration and appreciation for his story. In many ways his life story has helped me to gain perspective on how to put mine back together. We’ve all got a story to be told. These books are a must have for everyone. Reading these books will inspire, motivate and educate you. It’s a great part of life when learning about someone else will teach even more about you.

Consequences for your actions, November 13, 2007
By Nichola J. Gibson
I really enjoyed this book it was the sequel to his first book Brotherwood. Brotherwood was also very good, and it left you wanting more. So I was glad that he wrote this book, because this booked peaked my interest to find out what was going to happen to Solomon. In this second book you get to see what happens when people make bad decisions. Then they have to pay for those mistakes that they make. It also shows how that not only affects you, but the people that are close to you. You not mess your life up, but the ones around you. I felt like their were a lot of surprises to see what happens to some of the characters.

The book kept me wondering what was going to happen next. It is definitely a page turner, and you are also able to put yourself into the story. I felt like I knew everyone that was involved in the book. I felt was good because I knew that this story was based on a true story. This was really someone’s life that they were living, and he really helped me to capture that while I was reading the book. I believe that he definitely has to right another book, because he leaves you wondering well what happened after that.

(RAW Rating: 3.5) - The Choices We Make Will Define Our Tomorrow, July 28, 2007
By The RAWSISTAZ Reviewers
Solomon Woods is a divorcee raising an autistic teenage son. He is also the owner and operator of a small automotive design company. Raised in a Christian home, with family and education as his foundation, Solomon appears to be living a solid life. However, he harbors some secret activities that land him in trouble with the law. Unbeknownst to many, Solomon runs with a seedy drug selling and weed smoking crowd. These back-alley activities may cost Solomon his freedom.

As SOLOMON'S QUEST by Gregory B. Williams opens, Solomon is spread-eagle with guns raised by a drug task force in Cincinnati, Ohio, as a result of doing a friend a favor. Solomon learns after his arrest that he was set up; his friend is dead and an old neighborhood friend, within the legal system, wants to help him out of his dilemma. Facing a probable eight years in prison, an impending marriage, an unexpected pregnancy and the questionable fate of his son and his business, Solomon seeks strength and steadfastness for the trying times ahead.

SOLOMON'S QUEST demonstrates repeatedly the results of the choices men make and the associated cost. Why would a seemingly happy and stable individual knowingly seek challenges which are illegal, is the question which frequently resonates throughout the novel. The author incorporates secondary characters who add a rich and thought-provoking prose to Solomon's situation. His God-fearing mother and supportive father, his seemingly intelligent girlfriend and his son Isaiah, who is the voice of reason, provide a backdrop which further adds confusion in understanding Solomon's choices. However, a few of the antics are over the top and implausible. When all is said and done would Solomon make the same choices again for the thrill or for the rush and risk his entire life and those of his loved ones?

Reviewed by Dawn R. Reeves
of The RAWSISTAZ Reviewers

Slippin', April 28, 2007
By D. Frazier "Urban Fiction Queen"
Solomon's Quest by Gregory B. Williams is the sequel to the author's debut novel, Brotherwood. Both novels mirror the author's real life.

Solomon Woods seemed to be living an African American man's success story. He was a design engineer with his own up-and-coming automotive design business and a single father of a teenage, autistic son. On the flip-side, Solomon dabbled in the drug game with his friends: smoking and selling marijuana. His involvement in that lifestyle was not major until his closest friend, Larry, sought Solomon's assistance to end pending tax issues. Larry devised the plan and all Solomon had to do was adhere to it. In the midst of the deal, Solomon was left hanging--caught with a large quantity of marijuana. To further complicate matters, Solomon's girlfriend informs him of another life-altering event and gives him an ultimatum. Solomon's life was in limbo as I followed him from the time he was raided until the day he appeared in court. Leaning on faith and owning up to one's mistakes is a hard task. Would Solomon bend or break under the pressures of his Savior, family, friends, and the judicial system?

Solomon's Quest has the making of an excellent novel if it was not a day-to-day account of his life. This method left the novel unnecessarily lengthy and sometimes boring. While there was so much attention given to daily details, there was not enough attention paid to character development. I have no idea how any of the characters looked. Even though these are major issues, I cannot discredit Williams' talent. He tells a good story and I think he will soon step-up his game to show a good story. There were little-to-no grammatical errors and the plot and sub-plots are strong and consistent. If some aspects of the novel are condensed, I am sure the plot would be even stronger and keep the reader's attention. I recommend Solomon's Quest to anyone who is dealing with a tough situation and needs some type of encouragement to help them endure. Throughout the 384-page novel, there are extremely important lessons to be learned about life.

Reviewed by Darnetta Frazier
APOOO BookClub

An Intriguing Book
By Eve
Brotherwood was an intriguing book that took me on a rollercoaster ride. It definitely drives home what I have always believed, God gives us all plenty of warnings and hindsight is always 50/20. This book made me fall in love with Solomon and really wishing and praying right along with him that everything would work out in his favor. I love that this brother was well educated, handing his business and raising his autistic son alone. It truly showed the black male in a different light but it also showed that anyone can get caught up in this world. Solomon truly did have it all but always wanted that thrill and it cost him. I loved the relationship that he had with God and the fact that he knew right from wrong but still went down that path really does show you that the internal moral battle is real. Paul said, he wants to do what’s wrong but som! ehow alw ays end up doing what is wrong and so did Solomon.

The Brotherwood Series Kept My Attention!
By Melissa
Brotherwood series kept my attention at all times and truly compelled me to care about what was going to happen in Solomon's life. Truly Mr. William's is a down to earth writer that can connect with all types of people. I was inspired by his journey and feel that so many people, especially the younger generations, can benefit from reading the series. Helped to demonstrate that one poor decison after another can haunt you for many many days or years to come.

Morality vs Life
By Sakia A.
Brotherwood depicts a man's journey with the struggles of life's issues. Single parenting; making sure that he is the proper role model and caregiver for his son. The battle of love in life; which makes it even harder when you have been bruised and hurt in the past. Being a provider; quick money vs. legit money. Morality. Right vs. Wrong. This was well written from real life experience.

By Roxie
This was a phenomenal and fasinating read! The author does a wonderful job drawing you into the very relatable world of Solomon Woods. His story is one of bad decisions made for good reasons. His struggle with right and wrong is one that is instantly takes hold of the reader and takes them on a phenomenal ride. Personally, I found myself cheering when he makes the right choices and grimancing when he chooses wrong. By the end of the book, I was wanting to know more about Solomon and what happens to him and to those who love him. I cannot wait to start the second book to check in on Solomon and his loved ones.

By Doug Frederick
The Brotherwood Series has been a real inspirational addition to my library. Mr. Williams sends his readers on a roller coaster of emotions based on his real life events. I would definitely recommend this series to anyone with a passion for reading. You will not be disappointed.

By Sharon W. Clifton "P.K. Clifton" (Springfield, Ohio)
I believe Mr Williams attempts to create a genuine picture of himself in which, the reader can quiet easily become lost within the reality. Certainly, as I began to read I actually thought that Solomon truly existed. During the trips to and from Detroit I could actualy see the roadway moving by. The language and general conversations were the most interesting elements as they were the true cataylst for the internal battles that Solomon was fighting. Through all of the grief, and at times curious police activites, I read Mr. Woods all the way through to the end. Only then did I realize Mr. Wiliams true genius in his ability to lead the reader to the conclusion, and only then revealing the fact that he was actually Solomon Woods. A very difficult time in Mr. Williams life but one which he has overcome through strength and faith. I hope that he will continue to give us more superb material. A Great Book!!. P.K.Clifton

By A Shanee "Shanee" (Cincinnati, OH)
This book was GREAT! I read this book in about two days. It really pulls you in, you will find yourself at times cheering for Soloman and then practically praying that he makes the right decisions. It’s GOOOOOOOD!!!!!!!! To make it even better its modeled of real life experiences of the author. PLEASE HURRY WITH THE SECOND PART!!!

By K. Tasca "Kuffsz" (Boston MA)
This was an awesome read....A true life story of the author. Gregory captured my attention right from the beginning, ...Also his second book, "Solomon Woods"....was the sequel, ...another great read. Thanks Greg, looking forward to the next book about the life of Solomon!

"A Definite Page Turner", July 31, 2005
By L. Luckett (Detroit, Michigan)
This was a rollercoaster ride of good and evil. The character used "God" to do both. I loved the author's honesty in admitting the biographical nature of the content. It isn't easy to admit so many bad decisions. The consequences were a lesson for the reader.

Brotherwood, July 29, 2005
By Kat "K. Wilson" (Lawrenceville, GA)
The depth of this read was captivating. It touched on the Author's Soul through an expressed sincerity of the experiences with his son, his spirituality, and his struggle between right and wrong. I look forward to reading the sequel, Solomon's Quest.

Very inspiring, July 27, 2005
By T. Myrick "Sunshine" (ATL, GA)
I truly enjoyed this book! So inspiring and uplifting. I'm sending my brother a copy of this very enjoyable book.

It's not normal that you come across a brother with such heart felt prayers that truly reflect his sensitivity and pure nature. The relationship with his son, in the book, was very touching.

The struggle with marijuana came very close to home with me. I've never tried it myself, but the struggles described were a direct hit to someone close to me. Thank you Gregory for sharing all those experiences surrounding marijuana with your readers.

Anyone out there struggling with the use and/or selling of drugs (or have a struggling love one) should get this book. Brotherwood was very inspiring, encouraging, enlightening, and entertaining.

Continue to be Blessed Young Brother!

Riveting, July 11, 2005
By Ajie (Ohio)
Williams brings into focus a poignant story of how an intellectual and responsible father, who is single-handedly raising his son to be a good citizen allows himself to be a subject of innumerable human weakness and falls miserably into the dark abyss of life.

Woods, despite being raised by God-fearing parents, like most men today is unable to combat his vices of greed, drugs and is easily lured by women...

A must read, an eye opener, riveting from beginning to end and the reader is not only invited to walk this shocking journey of representation of life with the author, but to woefully share the consequences that Woods suffers in the end....Consequences that could have been easily forestalled.

This truly is a literary Masterpiece of Reality...!

Mesmerizing , April 28, 2005
By Blake Phillips
Mesmerizing in detail. The author's vivid storytelling of real-life events, takes you on a ride. Could'nt put it down, and can't wait for the sequel.

Brotherwood by Gregory B Williams: An PeoplewholoveGoodBooks Review, May 1, 2007
By Shay C "PeoplewholoveGoodBooks"
Solomon Woods is handsome, ambitious, and a single father to his 14-year old son. Trying to get his business off the ground and after meeting the perfect woman, Solomon appears to have it all.

But Solomon is hiding a dark secret, his addiction to drugs. When a good friend tries to lure him into the "game", Solomon tries to stay on the right path and for a while succeeds. But the fast and quick money pulls him in, for a while, he uses the money for good but after his neighbor and good friend catches on to what he is doing and confronts him, Solomon promises to leave that life alone. But when faced with the threat of losing his business and the desire to help an old friend, Solomon soon finds himself pulled back in. Against his better judgment, he decides to make one last run. A decision that may cost him everything as it turns out to be a set-up and now Solomon is in for the fight of his life.

Brotherwood by Gregory B Williams is a fast-paced read that grabs the reader's attention from beginning to end. Reviewed by Shay C of PeoplewholoveGoodBooks

Buy It Read It Love It, August 21, 2006
By Sharon D. Jones "Sharon Jones" (Atlanta GA)
Brotherwood was a great story. Well written and easy to read. This is a story that many of us can relate to even if the issues facing Solomon aren’t the same but the inner struggle that we all face is evident. We all know what the right thing to do is but as illustrated in this page turner knowing and doing is the tricky part. Can’t wait for the next series.

Intrigueing, December 28, 2007
By Voncele Savage (Ms. USA)
The thing that caught my attention was Solomon was struggling with the same demons that most of us have in one form or another, by whatever name society tends to call them. We seem to think they are hidden, but they are evident in the choices that we make. The author was upfront and honest in his depiction of the character, especially since he indicated it was based upon his own life. This was a bold move, because many readers are now going to watch and follow him for the sake of seeing steadfastness and growth. Go forward and be brave, Brotherwood.

Great debut, December 11, 2007
By Isabis Inside
This was a great read. It was realistic and the main character spoke about his struggles, trying to cut down the ganja and have an honest relationship with his son. This book is the type that you got to tell yourself to calm down because this guy keeps getting himself in trouble and you know that he knows, he's just being plain stupid. Overall, the theme of quick gain and greed is prevalent in this story. Also the warning signs of when God tries to tell you something, He does it through people! Great work and I hope to hear more from this author.

Amazing Grace, November 6, 2007
By Nichola J. Gibson
I thought that this was a great book. When I started to read it I thought that it kind of started out slow, but it kept my attention to want to know more. I felt like I really knew the characters personally, and I was able to put myself in his shoes. I believe that there is a lot for people to learn from his story. Even if you haven't experienced the same things that he has. I believe that everyone battles in their life with doing good and doing bad. I believe that it showed in his book how everyone has secrets in their lives that they don't want people to know. But eventually sometimes those secrets can destroy your life and the ones that you love. I would recommend for anyone to read the book, because I believe that their is something in the book for everyone to learn. No matter how young or old you may be. I believe that the author showed a good picture of an African American father. Which is something that we don't see in our community today. The book has its good and bad moments, but all in all I believe that you can walk away from this book having learned something from both the bad and the good. He has a second book and that one is just as good as the first one. Solomon's Quest

Brotherwood, July 11, 2005
By S. Spencer (Washington, DC)
Upon opening the pages to Brotherwood I found it an instant page-turner. Solomon Woods known as Brotherwood, takes the reader on a journey that they will want to read more about. The reader will be introduced to a man that appears to be a great father, an asset to his local community, God fearing and a dedicated hard worker. Although he appears to be a Leader in every aspect of his life, the reader will see that there is one area that he is not 100% control of, and that is his mind.

This is a great read and I like how the Author uses Biblical scriptures and incorporates a spirital aspect within the story. If you know someone going in the wrong direction - Brotherwood can be their catalyst to make that necessary U-Turn in the right direction.

Taking from the rich (experienced), and giving to the poor (those in need), June 28, 2005
By Phyllis McLaughlin (Circle of Friends II, Atlanta)
In his debut novel, Mr. Williams takes on an admirable feat in bearing his soul (the good, bad, and ugly). In hopes of keeping others from repeating his mistakes, the author has fictionalized some of his own experiences and given them to those in need - high school students, imprisoned first offenders, and others who will hear and read his story.

Brotherwood is a BOLD and honest look at the life of Solomon Woods, an intelligent brother who often lacks wisdom. He prefers to live life 'on the edge' rather than on the advice of elders who love and pray for him. Nevertheless, Solomon manages life as a single father and imparts wisdom upon his son, Isaiah.

The story is told with compassion and the hard, cold facts associated with living a double life. Solomon is professional by day, but he indulges in drugs, sex, and lies by night (after Isaiah's bedtime). What is done in the dark comes out in the light, and Solomon is exposed. His lessons have just begun, and he has so much more to learn. Read on... you are sure to learn something too!

I recommend this novel for youth and adult readers because it is safer to learn from the mistakes of one who has been there, done that.

Hit And Miss Read, May 9, 2007
ByChantay W. "BookLover4Life"
Brotherwood by Gregory B. Williams was a hit-and-miss novel. Solomon Woods is a man who at first glance seems like he has it together. He is smart, great-looking, and charismatic. Solomon owns his own company and is doing quite well for himself as a businessman. He is a great single parent to his teenaged son who is obedient and on the right path. Solomon, as a charmer and good-looking man, has no problem getting the women he wants. Sounds like a great package deal, right? Well think again. He has a dark secret that he struggles to keep hidden from those he cares about the most. But will Solomon Woods choose the right path or the wrong one for himself?

As I was reading Brotherwood, I felt like there was something missing. This book did not draw me in but it did keep me marginally interested. There were things that I can commend regarding the character Solomon Woods; like him being a great father to his son, Isaiah. But there were other things, like his involvement with drugs that were not to be held in high regard. The book moves along smoothly but I felt no connection with it, like it really did not matter to me one way or the other what happened to the characters. Even though, Solomon gets dubbed as Brotherwood, a modern-day Robin Hood in a sense, for his attempts to give back to his community through his actions, this still did not attract me to his character. I would have loved to see the characters expanded upon with regards to their personalities. Also, I would have appreciated more detail from the author as well, in reading some scenes I felt they happened too quickly and I wanted more descriptors and imagery. I would recommend this book to those who have been in similar life struggles as the author.
Chantay W.
APOOO BookClub

Life in the Fast Lane, August 26, 2005
By The RAWSISTAZ Reviewers
Caught at the crossroads of all that is good and all that feels good, Solomon Woods is an accident waiting to happen. On one hand, he is the responsible single father trying to set the example for his teenaged son, Isaiah. He has a promising career as an automotive design engineer and he is an all-around nice guy, yet he spirals down into a dark world. The lure of drugs and fast money attracts Solomon like a fly to fly paper. The whole time, his conscience is talking to him, so he takes on this Robin Hood mentality of taking from the rich and giving to the poor, but at what costs? Will he be able to keep all of his balls in the air as he juggles right versus wrong?

All in all, this was an fast-paced novel. However, its characters lacked depth and could have been developed to have been more robust. Some of the scenes contained people that were conveniently placed, yet these scenes and the characters in them could have been further developed to add more texture to the overall story. The first person narrative provided an easy flow to the novel and it held my attention.
Reviewed by Nedine
of The RAWSISTAZ™ Reviewers

Deeper and Deeper, May 11, 2007
ByNardsbaby "Connoisseur of the written word ...
Solomon Isaiah Woods is a self employed design consultant for the automotive industry and a single father to his teenaged son, Isaiah. Originally from Ohio, they now reside in Detroit. The older Solomon gets, the wiser he becomes. Now that he's a divorcee, he understands the errors of his ways; for him lessons always had to be learned the hard way. Could this hopefully someday alleviate any and all nonsense in the near future?

While it may appear on the surface that Solomon is just an average, law abiding citizen, Solly takes a try at his hustle hand, something he's never done before. Solomon finds himself caught between trying to live a life that involves drugs and fast money vs. God's word. Is there a happy medium?

Author Gregory B. Williams establishes a likeable, strong African American male character; that's a rarity in this day in age. But I must be honest, the book moves at a snail's pace. It's not until you're nearing the end where the drama seems to pick up. Conveniently enough there is a second part.

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